Maximo Riera – The Animal Chair Collection


After the success of his Octopus and Walrus chair, spanish designer Maximo Riera, has continued his ‘animal chair collection’ with ‘the elephant chair’ as an homage to the largest animal walking the earth, known for memory, intelligence and wisdom. The sculptural furniture object is a representation of the supreme deity Ganesha. Through the head of the mammal, who is popularly worshiped in India as a remover of obstacles. Further integrating the Indian culture, the carvings and patters found on traditional furniture are reproduced according to the original hand-made pieces. The distinctive asymmetrical surface is translated into morph metric data using advanced software.


The overall structure is carved from compressed foam with an internal steel frame. The final object is enveloped in fine leather, allowing all the detail to be refined. although not as heavy as an actual elephant, the chair weighs 160 kg or 353 lbs. The throne, simultaneously furniture and sculpture, welcomes the animal into the human environment, an opposing statement to what has been happening for centuries in the wild.

The largest living creature on Earth was the inspiration for this massive 8 foot throne that has a blue whale’s giant tail fluke spanning out the back. The context of this project closely relates to riera’s connection to the sea. The furniture series makes a comparative statement on the current state of our eco-system and how we deal with the relationships between the animal kingdom and human beings. (Design Boom)
whale-chair-2-620x465 whale-chair-620x465




Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.