Mi Piace

“Too many days have been spent away from home. The truth is, I hardly have the chance to see my bed, my closet, or any of the places within the corners of my apartment. Thankfully, I don’t ever feel too far from it either. Each room is filled with pieces of me, my life and those people in it. I’m fortunate to have friends who create, and produce some truly wonderful things. I take them with me, plucked from each room, each table and I pack them. I lock the door as I walk out to another airport, another journey, but I’m not alone. I carry my home with me…” 

Packing is often daunting. I’m seasoned at this point, I guess. So I’ve learned a few things here and there. While some try to cram every bit of everything in a large bag, I simply take the bare essentials.

On my last trip to Europe this past June, I did as I normally do, packed light. Summer calls for only a few things, all of them light and multi-use.

This consisted of :

2 x Shoes – 1 loafer Christian Kimber & 1 oxford J. Fitzpatrick

2 x Plain t-shirts from NTHNG 

2 x Cotton ties from Atelier Saman Amel 

3 x Button ups – 1 linen Suit your Style  & 2 cotton

1 x Suit – Navy Blue, light broad-weave tropical wool with patch pockets

1 x Swim trunks, for the indulgent days

1 x Dop Kit

The usual slew of undergarments and of course, my watch and other accoutrement from Anagni Athens that I never leave home without.

It’s actually quite simple, don’t over think, don’t let the fear of not having enough plague the task at hand.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large