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In the grind of New York pavements, feet shuffle at metropolitan speed. Some are attuned to the rhythm & meter of morning commutes and subway platform buskings, while others trip and dip through the commotion louder than a neon bulb blinking “TOURIST” could ever glow.

Veterans and visitors alike could use a respite from borough to borough. This could be two minutes under the stream of conditioned air at nearby butcher’s, before the man in the white apron asks to to buy or bust. For longer periods of rest, why not slip into the cool marble and soft studies of midtown Manhattan’s Sofitel?

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Established in 1968 upon the pillars of French elegance and excellence, Sofitel’s New York iteration welcomes guests in an étude of simple luxury. With his mastery of European classicism within, Pierre Yves Rochon dressed the interiors appropriately with an ambience of an downtown private club, mixed with the warmth of an uptown living room.

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As a home base for your visit, feel free to do no more than lay your head in between sites, but don’t forget that Sofitel offers an experience of its own. Among these must be a meal at the hotel’s own Gaby Brasserie Française. Here, Executive Chef Sylvain Harribey’s offerings of magre de canard and cassoulet proves there’s a French heart of the highest pedigree within its Parisian façades.

To those arriving from as far as Asia, as near as Astoria, come by 44th St at golden hour, and check into thirty stories of class and limestone glowing in orange. Within New York’s greater movements, Sofitel is an intermission. Within, it affords guests a moment to reflect in America’s biggest and brightest city.

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