Monsieur Fox – Behind the Scenes

With the change in seasons comes the expected turn over in menswear collections. It seems like everywhere you look there is a new Spring/Summer campaign calling out for your attention. Don’t take this to say I’m not a fan or anything, but I seldom see the background story behind any of it. Perhaps it’s my intrigue into the finer details, or my insatiable appetite for wanting more than what is offered as face value. Well, couple that with being someone who shoots plenty of the aforementioned campaigns, I thought it would be refreshing let you into my world and get a feel for how I approach things.

We aren’t walking around with makeup artists, set designers, lighting crews and the lot. It is simply myself and my subject in what often ends up being an ‘off the beaten path’ shoot location. I love it. There is just something so organic about capturing moments rather than taking pictures. And when those moments are special enough, they translate into a beautiful story. Below are a few examples of real life during the Monsieur Fox Pre Cabaret shoot. We ran about little Italy, had an espresso, caught up on the politique du jour, and prepped for the shoot.

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Neil Watson

Editor At Large