Valentines Day is right around the corner. And yes, we know the difference between what you want to buy and have to buy. But let’s be honest with each other, we’d much rather buy what we want to buy. There’s nothing more elegant, sophisticated, and all around attractive than seeing your significant other radiating in that perfect ensemble (no- not Americano folks). We’re talking lingerie.Contrary to popular belief, it is in-fact uncomfortable to walk in Victoria’s Secret and buy a pair off the rack. Yes, that awkward moment where the sales staff approaches you holding up a pair of out of this world thong. And of course, there’s a million ways to analyze your purchase. Is it too sexy? Will she get the wrong idea? WHAT SIZE TO BUY (that’s the most important).

Gentlemen, look no further than the MR. PORTER’s recent post in the  “The Journal”. They’ve broken down 5 fail proof steps to buying your lady friend without crossing any boarders. Skip the chocolate this year fellas and get something a little more satisfying.

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Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine