Neiman Marcus Target CollectionAfter months of eager anticipation, Neiman Marcus’  finally debut  their collaboration with Target, which is set to hit store floors December 1st. First glance, it’s not what I originally thought it would be, but nonetheless I am pleased with what each designer has put together. Thom Browne gives us an extremely affordable classic mens jacket (which he is quite famous for I may add). Marcus and David from Rag & Bone deliver what looks to be the perfect cardigan for the cold winter months (and again- very affordable). Scott from Band of Outsiders delivers with his take on the “best friends” bracelets with a pair of brightly colored beanies Sprinkle in a  few nick-nacks from Philip Crangi and Rag & Bone finish out the menswear side of the collaboration. The one disappointment? I’ll be honest- it goes to Band of Outsiders. Not sure where the cookie cutters came from? Maybe Scott loves cookies? Ok, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. The big question at the end of the day will obviously be quality. Now, we  know and (hopefully) understand that these aren’t manufactured the same way that the runway line are done.  Will these pieces last you the rest of your life? No comment. But again, I could be surprised. I guess we’ll have to wait till December 1st to find out.

Target is on top of their game. After a successful first major collaboration with Odin, they’ve decided to take round two by teaming up with 24 members from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The collaboration is hopefully just another of many projects has in the works. Here’s my question, who at Target is responsible for these projects? Someone’s gotta have a name or some kind of contact! Whoever you are, keep it going.

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