Nick Gentry: Floppy Love

I stumbled upon Nick Gentry’s work twice, once at Miami Art Basel and another at the Robert Fontaine Gallery in the Wynwood art district. I must say from both times that I saw his work , the vivid memories of what I saw have been distinctively imprinted in my brain. British and raised in London, Nick Gentry has composed most of his work with the use of contributed artefactual and materials. Gentry’s art is influenced heavily  by the development of consumerism, technology and cyber-culture in society.  Best known for his floppy disk paintings, Gentry’s work reflects on the quick pace of technology and how easily we forget what is deemed no longer useful.

By salvaging obsolete storage technology ranging from floppy disk to VHS, he creates a workable canvas for his portraits. Personally, the message I grasp from his work is how quickly technology is progressing and how many different forms of it eventually get lost in time thus becoming dated. Which isn’t necessarily a negative in my eyes being that ultimately, life is all about progression isn’t it?



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.