Officine Autodromo: Prototipo Chronograph


Paying homage to an era in racing that pushed the skills of legendary drivers and equally legendary machines to their limits; the Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph honors these brave racers. Prototype cars ushered in the modern technological age of endurance racing… Where would be be without the 24 Hours at Le Mans? Racing these machines through the serpentine curves of the Nürburgring and the high speed straights at Le Mans, Autodromo created this timepiece to honor these men who ushered in a new era of racing.


An aesthetic that features inspiration from vintage racing chronographs of the late 60’s and early 70’s with modern details throughout, just like the beautiful racing machines that inspired the creation of the watch. The innovative Seiko hybrid meca-quart movement powers the Prototipo and features a sweep second hand and instant chronograph reset done by the internal mechanical linkages shared with the in house movements. Not only giving you a great racing inspired feel, the Prototipo gives you the best of both worlds by delivering the reliability and precision of a quartz watch with the mechanical chronograph feel given to you by the visual appeal and the feel of the pushers located at 2 and 4. A sleek and sophisticated modern timepiece that pays homage to the machines that inspired the design with a very affordable price tag of $625; this is one watch that every racing enthusiast should add to their collection.=



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.