Old Man Style: Hard to Beat

Refreshingly enough, I get a major portion of my sartorial inspiration from the stylish and elderly gentlemen of an older era. It is generational…and when I say this, most of their “old man style” and acquired charm is deeply rooted in their past. Old man style is hard to beat simply because it’s effortless, sincerely timeless, and they more than likely came up in an era when dressing with character was a self-fulfilled void, duty, and no one had to tell them what was considered well-dressed or appropriate for a specific occasion. They already knew what to do and how to do it, and if they didn’t, they learned on their own. That is what I call the purest form of style; there wasn’t a website to provide “rules” on how to dress, what’s the go-to item for a season, or daily inspirations on the Internet for them to run to. Their inspiration came from the gentleman next to them—the like-minded, stylish man they saw on the street who was equally well-dressed. For this very reason—the mindset to create their own rules and pave their own way on how they appreciated looking sharp – is why old man style will always be hard to beat.