Originator of Prep, John F. Kennedy


At one point in our nations history, men looked up to our leaders. The president had style… he presented himself like no one before him in such a seat.  Who has influenced a generation of men in a way no other president has been able to? That man was John F. Kennedy.  Even today, JFK has had a lasting impression on the style of men by paying homage to the unique style of New England and more specifically Cape Cod. To me, John F. Kennedy is the iconic prep. He was very influential in starting the style we know today dawned, preppy, and a way of dressing which is still prominent in today’s menswear world.   You never saw JFK wearing something that wasn’t a classic, timeless piece, even when he was back home on the beaches of Hyannis. Constantly being monitored by the eyes of the world, JFK continued to carry on his preppy legacy all the way until the tragic day where his life was taken. Simple yet classic, JFK left the world with a carefree style that is very easily copied with a few simple pieces.

Summer is here, finally, which means that you will need a perfect summer outfit for many occasions such as cookouts, weddings, weekend getaways, and traveling the world. Why not take a pointer or two from the great JFK and put his signature outfit to use this summer. An outfit consisting of a navy blazer (a staple in every man’s closet), solid oxford shirt, colored khakis, all complete with a pair of loafers and boatshoes, was the iconic look that grew into a phenomenon we know today as prep.  Pay tribute to the most stylish president  and kick off those double monks’s and grab a pair of boatshoes and you are ready to hit the Hampton’s or  Cape Cod for a great summer getaway.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.