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Moments at The Sofitel NYC

In the grind of New York pavements, feet shuffle at metropolitan speed. Some are attuned to the rhythm & meter of morning commutes and subway …

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Alive and Present

For the poet: verses. The oil painter: brushes and blades. The photographer: an old lens and a steady grip. No matter the medium, every artist has …

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Things We Like

The Proper Kit: People We Like COVER
Meet us at the Proper Kit

Over the last few weeks, we at Art & Hustle have intimated the why’s and wherefores of the names gathering for a Saturday in Manhattan. T…

Eidos Napoli “The Correspondent”
Do You Want a Trip To Naples?

If you have ever wondered what Napoli is like, look no further, a journey to the Southern Italy seaport is now at your fingertips. Through the lens…