Paris Fashion Week: Without the Fashion

paris fashion week

If you weren’t aware, Paris Fashion Week was in full swing. Considering it was the womens collection, A&H had no business there. Other than gawking, men really do not have a place during this time. So, we present to you a short list of things to do, should you ever find yourself there during this time, or anytime for that matter.

1. If you are okay with just Gawking: The boulevard Sait-Germain is the most beautiful site of people Europe wide. Models from the nearby couture houses fill up the Avenue Montagne.

2. Have a great smoke: Visit Art Tabac located at 2, Place de Catalogne, 14th. Take it from us, because the gentleman who owns this fine store is the only man in France to have created his own cigar. Safe to say he knows what he is doing.

3. It’s Paris, so look the part: Best place to buy a tie is at the great Marinella boutique at the Four Seasons George V. Marinella, as you may or may not know, hails from Napoli. The place where Italian clothing dreams are made from.

4.  Have the best drink of your life: Whisky, Scotch and Rye, all in the same boat here. Our favorite includes Talisker, barrel aged 10 years. You can get this fine spirit at Caves de Courcelles at 206 bis, rue de Courcelles, 17th

5. Burn off the drinks and bread: Running in Paris is part and parcel to experiencing the culture there. Start at the North side of the Jardins du Pailais-Royal. Where you go after that is really up to your mind.

Use this list wisely, you may not want to leave France at all, Fashion week or not.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large