People: Damien K. Brown

Damien K. Brown, a representative of Tincati Milano, knows how to dine well, live well, and most importantly, dress impeccably well. To Mr. Brown, also a “Morehouse Man,” the grand idea of being a gentleman in this day and age stands at the forefront of his being. Looking the part is one thing, but being a distinctive man places him in a league of his very own. A&H staff writer Christopher Dam evolved into photographer for an afternoon in New York City’s NoLIta neighborhood for a Sunday stroll with Damien K. Brown. We also had the chance to get his insight on a few topics.

A&H: Do you remember how old you were when you put on your first suit?

Damien K. Brown: Wow. I must have been about 4-5 years old when I wore my first suit. It’s funny you ask. I have recently put together a photo album showcasing my youth.

A&H: How did that moment make you feel?

DKB: I felt like the older individuals I looked up to. I guess you can say it gave me instant sophistication and appreciation for self-presentation.

A&H: Name your five wardrobe essentials.

DKB: A Navy Blazer (Club Buttons Optional)

White Dress Shirt (Preferably French Cuff)

Charcoal Gray Trousers (Flat Front, Plain Bottom)

A beautiful pair of well-made shoes

The Perfect Tux — made to compliment your physique, personality, and character

A&H: Living well means… taking time to enjoy the little things, moving at your own pace, living out your life without living out your income.

A&H: What are your top three restaurants in New York City?

  1. Le Bilboquet
  2. Red Rooster
  3. Nello

A&H: Tell us about a memorable moment you’ve experienced while traveling?

DKB: While traveling in Scotland, I was honored to play the old course at St. Andrews. It’s one of the oldest golf courses in the world.

A lady always appreciates… a gentleman who pays attention, one who can stimulate her mentally and physically, a gentleman who inspires her to be great, and allows her to showcase her fullest potential.

A&H: Living in New York City has taught me how to…

DKB: Everything you want in life is within reach; utilize your network. Hard work always pays off and always be prepared for the unexpected.

A&H: What’s one of the most important lessons you’ve learned in life so far?

Once you master self, all else is a cake-walk. The hardest thing in life is learning to live in your truest form.