Pepe Albaladejo of Meermin Mallorca

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Tell us about the origins of Meermin Mallorca and where the name came from?

Meermin is the name of the classic sailing boat from the 50’s, of our family, which has accompanied us for many years. Meermin is a company formed by members of the 3rd and 4th generation of a renowned shoemakers family, which left the company. Meermin have been only selling its products for more than 12 years in the best high-end japanese departments stores. Because of that is not so known. Last year we decided to launch our Tokyo Store and this past pic 4september we opened our Madrid Store.

What’s the inspiration behind the brand?

Well the inspiration, is extracted between to worlds: from Mallorca, the island, we came from and from Japan (place where we have been working with for so many years which has taught us so many things.

How important are the smallest of details? 

The detail at Meermin is something very important for us.For example, we have developed many different variations of the goodyear construction method, that is something that is only possible attending so much on to the detail of how things are made.

Meermin shoesMeermin’s goal is “to produce high-end shoes at a reasonable price.” What are your methods that guarantee this kind of successful product? Well, we use the same strategies learned from the production of the high volume production world (We are producers of goodyear welted shoes for the British and French Armies), so we take the advantage of the structures/systems of that high volume production applied at the time of producing the Meermin shoes. Also we have to add that we have been always shoemaking, we are members of the 3rd and 4th generation of a renowned Shoemaker’s family.

What is the significance of handmade goodyear welted footwear?

Goodyear welted shoes are made using a high skilled method which consistst in the: Stitching a piece of leather (the welt) to join the upper and the insole, which creates a cavity which is filled with cork. Then, is covered with a piece of leather/rubber (depends on the sole option) which is machine stitched to the welt.

The welting process can be made using a machine or otherwise handmade. We use a machine welting process in our Classic Collection and a Handwelted process in our Linea Maestro Collection.

Also, all our shoes are hand lasted even the Classic Collection or the Ladies Collection. The lasting process is where the shoe start taking its final shape. The upper is placed on the last where is going to be tensed by hand and nailed using a hammer, attaching the upper to the last.

What shoe type is a fan favorite for you customer base?

Of our Classic Collection customers the favorite ones are the double monks and the tassel loafer. From our Linea Maestro Collection are very popular the different Shell Cordovan styles and also the Cap toe semibrogue oxford or the double monks based on our New Rey last.Meermin shoes

What can we expect from Meermin in the future?

Now we are working on enhancing our webstore. We want to have a full working store on our website.In the next years, we are expecting to open some Meermin Stores in Europe and the US.

Where can Meermin footwear be found? Nowadays, Meermin products can be found at our Madrid and Tokyo(Aoyama) Stores and also in some different japanese high-end department stores such as: Isetan Men’s Shinjuku, Hankyu Men’s Yurakucho (Tokyo), Hankyu Men’s Osaka, Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya. Also at our online store at: