Pick Up a New Pen

Monblanc Feature Image

As someone who used to draw frantically, finding any surface I could put a sharpie to, the art of sketching has been dead for me for some time. Most would probably call me crazy, given the advent of digital sketching, hell I can draw with my fingers on my iPhone now. Okay, that IS pretty convenient. But you know what made putting pen to pad such a viceral experience for me? It wasn’t easy. I had to have those tools readily accessible to me. Nowadays, I don’t draw at all. My outlet is, and realistically always been, photography. Oddly enough, one day while shooting  in New York, I had to take down a critical idea, and like everyone else would, I reached for my phone. No phone to be found- I had left it in the hotel. What to do now? I asked someone for a pen, and the look of utter confusion washed over her face; as if I had asked for her hand in marriage. Seriously? No one had a pen? Not ONE? It’s safe to say, ever since that day, I will not leave my house without one. Here is my favourite. Not that you asked or anything.

My Montblanc Meisterstück Signature

It’s not for everyone, but sure as hell makes an impression every time I pull it out.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large