Pieces of Chester Mox

Chester Mox leather wallet

Recently, we caught wind of a Chester Mox. With an impressive range of leather goods, we heralded the beauty in simplicity and craftsmanship (especially this side of the Atlantic) of their briefcase hereThe story continues with the smaller items in the product line.

There is much to be said of useless, bulky, pack in everything you can wallets. These are not those. Each piece is made to the same standards as that larger briefcase we featured, but think a bit more about shrinking it and packing it neatly into a bifold. Saddle stitching, and the trimmings and fixings found in the best-tanned leather possible, and it’s handsome enough to wear with a suit… not that wallets shouldn’t be or anything, but we usually fancy card holders – they make those too.

Chester Mox wallet

Now, here’s the fun part for myself at least. I wear glasses, and the idea of toting around a generic case, from the brand I bought them from, just so I can keep my sunnies near by ain’t all that fun. Alas, Chester Mox came through with a supple, beautifully assembled sleeve to satiate my desires for a rakish look for my four eyes – I’m saved.

Chester Mox glasses holder Chester Mox leather glassed holder

Listen, we’re not done talking about the brand yet, why? Well, because they make the best stuff around, and at a price that really makes sense for us. Don’t settle, the folks at Chester Mox don’t.

Just my advice.




Neil Watson

Editor At Large