Details are Everything: The Pocket Square Round-Up

Christian Kimber pocket square

As an accessory, the pocket square allows you to throw off the regimented confines of classic dressing without doing an injustice to men’s clothing. Look, there aren’t very many places you can bring out your personality while wearing a suit… okay, well maybe there are, in terms of cut, colors, fabrics etc. But a pocket square can be quite rakish if worn well, and god-awful when not. So we did a bit of leg work for you and put together this list of great squares we think are worthy of your time. They’re awesome, trust us.

Christian Kimber

The first is from our Aussie menswear friend Christian Kimber. His abstract design was inspired by The Gherkin in London and his time in the city. “I lived in East London for years and saw it everyday.”

Kimber London

Post Imperial

Creative Director Niyi Okuboyejo’s products approach cultural concepts from a modern perspective. This flower motif pocket square is hand-dyed in Nigeria using the “Adire” process. Each pocket square may slightly vary with fringed edges and the embroidered logo. We’re keeping our eye on this brand, we have a feeling there is much more to come.

 Post Imperial pocket Square

Armstrong & Wilson

The Armstrong & Wilson brand incorporates timeless men’s fashion with a splash of modern zest using distinct fabrics, bold colors, and their signature button look to generate a sense of attitude and personality to the pocket square accessory. Made for the man who wants to stand out among the masses.

Armstrong Wil


Drakes of London

Heritage English brand Drake’s continues to impress us with exquisitely crafted accessories like this Italian-made printed pocket square. The tactile wool and silk-blend and soft palette make this an elegant way to work classic paisley into your line-up – tuck it into a linen blazer for a dose of gentlemanly panache.


Title of Work 

Jonathan Meizler is the Creative Director of ‘title of work.’ Inspired by the art world, ‘title of work’ is uniquely curated and challenges tradition with a defiant twist. Title of Work employs a modern approach to menswear with couture detailing and by using non-conventional materials for their pocket square designs. Silhouettes from 15th century Japanese Karma-Sutra illustrations are overlaid onto Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in this specific pocket square which exemplifies their style of challenging the traditional views.

Title of Work


Age of Reason

These neckerchiefs are a timeless way to inject a touch of silk into your outfit. Featuring the signature Victory Pirate Queen, this classic square proves that statements don’t have to be big to have impact. Experiment with wearing this in alternative ways, as a hair accessory or tied to a bag. 100% silk, Made in England.

Age of Reason

Sartor Resartus

Sartor Resartus, a new comer to the menswear world, has created a series of pocket squares with a beautiful water-color painting of botanical motifs printed onto an exquisitely textured Italian silk twill pocket square and finished with a hand-rolled edge. Carry this work of art in your favorite blazer and be sure to show off a little pattern and the contrasting edges.

Sartor Resartus

Ikire Jones – The New Lagos in Blue

With inspiration drawn from Lagos, Nigeria, the man behind Ikirie Jones Wale Oyejide intricately designed this square to resemble a painting  from artist Joshua Mays. Ikire had stumbled upon in a back alley that was a recreation of the dramatic, towering landscape that stood before him. The pocket square symbolizes the New Lagos which to Ikire and Mr. Mays is something to be proud about,

Our children would never have reason to look down again.”

Ikire Lagos


Monsieur Fox – The Ladies

Hand drawn and painted, this pattern is exclusive to Monsieur Fox, and will punch up any outfit, especially your favorite blazer, with the perfect touch of panache and character. Makes a great gift for that sartorial rogue in your life, easy to wear and a nice conversation starter, too. Word is there is a full collection to follow…stay tuned.

Monsieur Fox



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.