Striking silhouettes developed from the concept of various uniforms, Asymptote combines intricate handwork with forward design, harnessing classic elements in a contemporary genre of menswear.

I met designer WK as part of the PROJECT menswear trade show content team. An abstract expression of utilitarian ideals, Asymptote’s F/W ’15 line pulls inspiration from the attire of clergy, military and other public service stations with similar keynotes of construction to craft an interesting collection of high quality fabrications, with wools from England and Scotland and premium Japanese cottons.

“For the fabrics I focused on quality and heritage. With the design, I tried to create a balance. I like Western tailoring. I use a lot of horsehair to give the coats shape and I pair them with a more loose, Eastern flow to pants.”

The historical detailing is refreshing and eclectic, with the designer now in his second season. The combination of structure and drape makes the range that much more appealing and accessible, especially against our normal backdrop of soft shoulders and wide lapels. Here’s to a new perspective on form and function.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.