(RE)Shaping Ones Style: Karl-Edwin Guerre

On some rare occasions, a man has the opportunity to start his style from scratch. Sometimes, it may be due to new opportunities (new career, drastic weight loss). Others, the result of personal tragedy. Recently, we suffered a fire at our home. Luckily, I was able to salvage a few belongings. I realized that these items were perfect material for testing the nature of my personal aesthetic, and what I believe to be precious elements for any man (re)starting his style journey.

At the foundation of any man’s style lies certain key elements. While fashion touches everyday life, his style is revealed in signature pieces. They become part of the fiber of his being and his legacy when he passes on. For the past 5 years, I have never ventured outdoors without a hat. It is either Borsalino or Super Duper. Every man (re)building his style should have something to be recognized by, something as unique as his handwritten imprint. Invest in a solid pair of sunglasses (in my case from Lotho).

The next move of my salvage operation was to find my jewelry. I was fortunate to have packed my favorite bracelet and watches, including a vintage watch which was produced the year I ventured out on my own. I can’t help but believe every man has a sentimental piece that represents the time he was introduced to manhood. For me, it was this vintage time piece and bracelet from Comstock Heritage. Men who have established their style certainly don’t need to overdose on jewelry, however it’s a must to have pieces that mark milestones on your life’s journey.

The final items I made sure to recoup were the photos of my 2 children. These precious images were housed in a leather album from Quood. I found it under plenty of rubble, but nothing that saddle soap can’t clean. This may not be something I physically carry with me but style isn’t only what the world sees. It is also how you build memories.

Looking ahead, there are certainly new items that are destined to become favorites as well. In my case, the first items I added to the wardrobe after the fire were some great shoes from (Grenson), a bespoke jacket from (Sciamat), a suit from (Devon Scott), a raincoat from (Norwegian Rain), a passport wallet by (Bosca), and shaving kit (The Art of Shaving). Every man should walk with confidence, stay dry on a rainy days, and always look his best. Style is how you live.

-Karl-Edwin Guerre, www.guerreisms.com



Neil Watson

Editor At Large