Resoling History with Greenwich Vintage

VAULT – Greenwich Vintage from VAULT on Vimeo.

If you’ve ever wondered what you were going to do with those Wingtips you inherited from your grandpa, Greenwich Vintage is into giving them a new life. The stories and places those shoes have seen embody some of the most treasured memories you have. Having them live on with you is great, but it’s now time to take those memories and make some of your own. By taking these shoes and adding your own style to them, it not only brings you closer to those memories, but allows you to build new ones that can be passed on to future generations.

Resoling and restoring these sentimental shoes with its signature colored soles, Greenwich Vintage preserves and improves on the past for the future. They can add some color and restore those old wingtips, chukkas boots or brogues to a pristine state. Handcrafted by their master cobbler, your worn out soles can be replaced with two different styles of soles; the Bricklayer (a thick solid sole) and the Commando (which offers better traction and more of an arch). Each style has a variety of color options to best suit your shoes. Visit their shop to see the variety of custom options. Also check out their collection of ready to wear shoes.


Desert Camo Derby shoe 9




Ryan Neeven

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