Ressence Watches: The New Movement

ressence watches

Time doesn’t have the same appeal for everyone. This is why there are a countless number of timepiece providers all over the world. From different price points to a plethora of distinctive complications, there is a watch out there for everyone. We would like to introduce you to another company that should be on your radar, Ressence. Simple in design (how we prefer things), Ressence timepieces are stripped to the basics. Owner, Benoit Mintiens, conversed with us about the meaning of the name, watch complications, watchbands, and more.

When was Ressence created?

The company was created in 2010, but the concept dates back to 2006. The trigger was a friend in the diamond business that asked me to design a watch for him. The project never saw the light, but I was left beaten by the watch virus.

What does Ressence mean?

It is a neologism combining renaissance and essence. It stands for the rebirth of what is essential to a watch, to display time. I wanted to use the cognitive patterns learned from childhood to read time with hand, but go forward by leaving the archaic hands behind and replace them by a mechanical screen using graphical hands.

What timepiece complications does the company specialize in?

Ressence invented and developed its own complication (patent).  The system (Ressence time-module) is pulled by a highly modified and simplified automatic caliber. The complication is auto-generating the movement of all the hands staring from the rotation of the minutes. All hands and indexes are synchronized.

How much time and craftsmanship goes into a Ressence timepiece?

It takes about 9 months between the start of production and the delivery of a watch.  This doesn’t mean you have to wait a pregnancy to order a watch.  Most components have been made and are waiting to be assembled. Assembling a watch takes 1 week plus 2 weeks of monitoring.

Does the Ressence man prefer a metal watchband or a leather one?

The metal band is not very popular with Ressence owners. It is also very rare that people ask for it. I designed a band but never put it into production because of poor demand. On the opposite, the leathers chosen are very qualitative. Vegetal tanned with a high greasiness level, they are natural and free of chemical additives. The bracelets are specific Ressence designs, handmade in Belgium.

Where does the team behind Ressence gain inspiration when it’s time to design new products?

Latitude:51.218638, Longitude:4.404917

This is an ever-going-on process. It is a mindset: be open-minded and try to capture and translate signals into a concept that fits the brand. At one point, you need to put everything on paper, make all the little impulses coherent with each other, and create synergies between them.

Where can Ressence timepieces be purchased?

First, take a look at the website where all retail points are indicated. In case no retail point is available in your country, the best thing to do is send an e-mail to Ressence to find a solution.  For some countries I have people representing the brand without having retail points.