Richard Avedon’s Photography

If there’s one type of illustration I’ve always been a sucker for, it is the classic and original view of the black and white photograph. For some reason, this timeless form of imagery has always been alluring to me. My curiosity and emerging interest in photography led to the research of American portrait photographer Richard Avedon. I’ve seen images of his work before (a portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor was one), and the simplicity of his effort stood out to me. While my interest further grew, Avedon’s captured art motivated and forced me to dig deeper for more.

Richard Avedon has taken pictures of Andy Warhol, Malcolm X, the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, the French artist Pablo Picasso, the tap dancer Savion Glover, and a massive number of individuals apart of theatre, fashion, and the arts. What stood out to me was Avedon’s steady commitment to a career; he dropped out of high school and immediately pursued what he loved. Not only did this show that he had a plan, it also showed he was ambitious enough to take such a gigantic and life-changing risk. This risk led to jobs at big-name fashion magazines and the grand opportunity to capture portraits of many legends.