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I dived into the menswear world a few years ago and through all the half-working or foreign language sites I’ve come across, one site and brand just gets it. They deliver without pretentiousness, but provide imagery that echoes quality to the highest degree. I introduce to you Rose & Born. We spoke with Carl Davidsson, one of the masterminds behind this eye-catching brand.

Give us a bit of your background. How did you get involved in the men’s fashion industry?

Carl Davidsson: My first real job was in a menswear store. I was 23 years old and I worked with people who inspired me. The interest for fashion grew and my goal became to own and develop a brand one day. Today, 15 years later, I have new goals together with my partners Arvid Kjelleryd and Joakim Svärdh.

How did you  and the rest of the owners meet?

CD: Me, Arvid, and Joakim have known each other for many years and we have always had a good eye to each other. Our common background is of course in fashion. The perfect match became true 4 years ago and today we are working hard to achieve our goals.

How did Rose & Born come to be?

CD: In 1989 Rose & Born was founded by Mr. Rosensvard and Mr. Eishborn. At that time it was the corner shop for friends and the citizens of the neighborhood. In the year 2008 we took over the brand with a vision to create collections that appeal to people from all over the world. The characteristics, fabric, quality, color, and cut, together with experience, expertise, and handpicked suppliers form Rose & Born. We strive to contribute with style to gentlemen of all ages and inspire them to look even more handsome in every occasion. Besides our store, we want people to find ideas in our continually updated blog and the digital magazines available on the Rose & Born website, signed by our stylist Richard Andersson.

Tell us more about the “In Business” concept.

CD: Our Rose & Born “In Business” concept is specifically designed for business clients who can use our expertise to dress their staff and management in clothes that fit the person, the context, as well as communicate the company’s brand values. Today we are collaborating with some of the most renowned car brands and restaurants situated in Stockholm. We want to give our current clients the best quality and satisfaction, and we have an ambition to create new business opportunities as well as new concepts.

Something that is truly unique is your “Su Misura” service. Can you elaborate more on that?

CD: Our “Su Misura”  service, made in Parma (Italy), allows our customer to exclusively create his own suit, jacket, or pair of trousers by selecting out of over 500 fabrics. The fitting as well as other details such as buttons, lining, pockets, and stitching is custom-made for the man, who can feel comfortable in his clothes and get an individual look and style. The made-to-measure service we offer is one of the cornerstones of Rose & Born and very appreciated among our rose born, menswear,customers.

How much of your personal style influences the collections?

CD: Of course my personal style has an influence on the Rose & Born collections, as well as the personal styles of my partners. Together we create every season, selecting colours, shapes, fabrics, details, and accessories as well as designing the displaying in-store. However, many different looks, eras, and icons inspire the personal style of the brand Rose & Born. It is what the three of us think is “the best of style.”

What is style to you?

CD: Style is an important part of your life. But you can never “buy” style, only express how you want to be perceived.

What’s next for Rose & Born? Any plans to enter the U.S. market?

CD: In the near future we will open the Rose & Born web shop. At the moment we don´t have any plans to open shops in the U.S., but hopefully the Rose & Born web shop will satisfy our American fans.

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Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.