Sartorialism V: Summer Shoes

I refuse to let you men think flip flops are your only options in this warm weather. Flip flops are only ok at the beach, pool and the deck. With summer already hear in Florida, as if it ever leaves, I wanted to do this Sartorialism a bit different. I put together a list of shoe options for you all and lookie nothing over $100 (there’s one thats $102, give me a break). Nearly all of these be should worn without socks during the day, so get your baby powder game up. Enjoy and if there is some shoe porn I missed leave a comment.

Tom’s Natural Rope Sole Men’s Cordones $69

Gram navy Linen $102

Spring Court G2 lo-cut $67

Jack Purcell $40

Gram VZ $89

Generic Surplus x Obey $65

Clarks Desert Slate Blue Boot $92

Bass Brockton $64

Bass Barclay $69



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.