Septieme Largeur

septieme largeur shoesShoes are the foundation of any man’s wardrobe. Great shoes can make an outfit go from good to great and a pair of terrible shoes can destroy the beauty of the most exquisite bespoke suit. We recently came in contact with Victor Bastie of French shoemaker Septieme Largeur,  a fairly young brand that caught our eye and had a moment to speak with him.

“Working in fashion wasn’t a choice for me, it was natural. I grow up in leather perfume and flavor. My father imported leather from the south of France from an old Parisian manufacture. After working for Le Coq Sportif for three years, I met Marcis Fernandez in his previous brand, I was a client and on day, Marcos tells me: “I am creating a new brand, Septième Largeur with my nephew Mathieu Preiss. Are you interested in working with us? Septième Largeur was exactly what I expected from a shoemaker, in term of style, in term of business model, and atmosphere.” – Victor Bastié

Septieme combines the best of two worlds- old English craftsmanship and French influenced silhouettes. The thing I love most about Septime is the custom patina they offer (Patina is a artistic coloring effect on footwear and leather items- entirely handcrafted, creating different colors on the shoe for an added effect) Septieme does this so well and one of the main things that attracted us to the brand. Proof of their expertise is below.

Septieme offers a full range of shoes from boots, oxfords, bluchers, loafers, saddles and monkstraps. While the company is only 3 years of old, we see a very bright future for Septieme Largeur.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.