Sergei Sviatchenko x Jack & Jones

Artist, photographer and now designer Sergei Sviatchenko of Close Up And Private worked with Jack & Jones to create a Rock & Roll capsule collection. Sergei gives the modern rocker a well needed makeover with his new kit. No stranger to concept innovation, Sviatchenko has designed a true ‘kit’ of clothing – two ties, a belt, a shirt, a cardigan, socks, trousers and a pair of shoes, Housed and fitted in a specially designed box, this is the very first of its kind.

Called The Rock Rebel Classic and Contemporary Kit, Sviatchenko shuns the cliché’ t-shirt, jeans and biker jacket look we tend to imagine when the words ‘rock’ and ‘fashion’ are found in the same sentence and instead builds his capsule collection around a look inspired by the mid-sixties British Invasion – the one that put Liverpool’s Mersey and London’s Carneby Street on the global map.

Partnering with Premium by Jack & Jones has allowed me to create a collage of clothing in the form of a totally wearable kit. I have long shared with them the belief that real style should be universal and accessible. From fabrication to construction to fit, the quality of each item has surpassed all my hopes. I’m extremely proud of this collaboration” – Sviatchenko.

Premium by Jack & Jones, is an opportunity to develop a product of the highest quality at an affordable price. Working closely with Sviatchenko, Jack & Jones sees The Rock Rebel Classic and Contemporary Kit project as invitation to prove that style can be both affordable and compromise-free.

Accompanying the collection is a short film by Noriko Okaku. Check it out below



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.