Settle in with the Barcelona Chair

barcelona chair

A stylish space in which to live is an objective to which most modern men strive and, lamentably, it’s invariably much easier in principle than in practice. It takes a lot of elements to come together in order to properly secure the right look for your house or apartment and, needless to say, from an interior design point of view, there are few factors that are more important or central to achieving that look that you’re after than your choice of designer furniture.



The Mies Van Der Rohe designed Barcelona Chair was originally released way back in 1929 and it was certainly one of the most iconic designs of both that era and the following century.

The Barcelona Chair went on to become one of the most recognizable pieces of designer furniture in the world and it is testament to the superb design skill of Van Der Rohe that it has lost none of its relevance in terms of interior design over the 80+ years since he first conceived of it.

It boasts a level of comfort and a visual flair that typified Mies Van Der Rohe’s work but it was, unquestionably, the Barcelona Chair for which the German / American designer became most famed. It was the cornerstone piece of his furniture designer endeavors and when you bear witness to just how luxurious and stylish it is, you’ll find it easy to understand why it is one of the staple choices for interior design experts the world over.

For any man who is looking to really stamp a touch of luxury on their home and want to do so through pieces of statement furniture, you needn’t really look any further than the rather breath taking Barcelona Chair. Van Der Rohe coincided the iconic chair with some complimentary furniture such as a MODREST OPAL MODERN WALNUT & GREY PLATFORM BED but it really is the chair for which he made his name.

Having a stylish space in which to live will, of course, require more than a few well-chosen pieces of designer furniture but getting these right will definitely set the right foundations for you to build upon in terms of getting your interior design just the way that you want it. Pieces like the Barcelona Chair from Mies Van Der Rohe are perfect for man-centric spaces because it boasts the sort of Don Draper-esque style that we all adore and it will ramp up the style of any room immediately.

Whether you choose to deploy the Barcelona Chair as a standalone statement piece or coincide it with other striking pieces of furniture, you can rest assured that it will both make for one of the most comfortable seats you’ve ever sat in and accrue you some appreciative nods from those in the know regarding interior design.


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