Shane Stirling x Community54 x Timberland

Our good friend Shane Stirling has done it again. Teaming up with Timberland again, Shane has now brought in the heavyweight team at Community54 and together, this trio is unstoppable. Check out the video below and read up on the new inspiration for the collection.


To celebrate the launch, director Shane Stirling has captured in his trademark graphic style, a serial of 3 dynamically minimal vignettes. Set in an austere space to contrast and compliment the Community54 x Timberland 40th Anniversary Ltd. Collection and accompanying C54 custom pieces. The focus was keenly set to highlight the details and craftsmanship of the product as well as personal flair and identity of the models. Set inside a gallery aesthetic of exposed brick, beams, and gallery fresh painted walls. Cinematic slow motion dolly shots are paired with tight detailed frames to create a patchwork tableau of the finer points of the pieces. This is then juxtaposed with broad strokes captured by wide angle lens to highlight the open space and place singular focus on the participant.




Neil Watson

Editor At Large