Short Words: Easy Access

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“Averaging down everything we do so that it becomes cheap and ubiquitous and palatable to all is a hollow goal.” –Seth Godin

Mass appeal eventually becomes mundane. Things are on trend, and then not. There is this need to please and attract because we’ve seen the earning potential of popularity. We’ve witnessed the power of personal expression, how it can change lives and influence movements. But we’ve also watched one-hit wonders when their fifteen minutes are up and the limelight fades; when excitement turns into indifference. What makes a contemporary into a classic? What separates products and people that can reach beyond their own generation and those that are boxed in by their present? What helps them target and reach their true market and not push for every hand and household? A deep-seated desire to serve.

Apart from the money and (relative) fame, they earnestly seek to make an impact, to (even for a second) affect the axis on which their world orbits. A novel idea will inevitably earn some notoriety; an innovative reiteration might do even better. Smart branding and creative campaigns can take an idea from lucky to lucrative. But the purpose behind it will sustain the motivation to build. The building will reinforce the motivation as you see the purpose realized. And that is one cycle I’ll continually welcome.




Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.