Show Me Your Ankles

Like I had mentioned in my previous article, men are dressing better. They’re starting to think for themselves and explore  new ways of expressing their individuality through the clothes they wear. I’m seeing it everywhere: commercials, advertisements, hell, even NBA players are consulting with stylists in order to keep up with an ever-changing menswear scene.

How to go sockless, menswear,There’s a fad that’s catching steam across the States. Yes, it has been around in NYC for years now, but NYC is a melting pot of cultures and where most trends begin. Fashion is on a whole different level in NYC. I’d bet every other city is about 4-5 years behind what is happening there. However, inCincinnati, Ohio, one of the gems of the peanut butter and jelly mid-west, I am starting to see more men shorten their pants and baring ankle. Shocking! Right? Traditionally, women were the only sex that dared to bare! Let’s be honest, it was a risky move, you know: men sporting anything that could be called “man capris.” Now, men are starting to roll up their cuffs and bare it all. I’ve got my idea as to why it caught on so quickly (here’s a clue: the store is in every mall across America)

When/where did this “sockless” revolution begin? Funny you should ask that: I did a bit of digging into fashion archives and noticed the trend catching major traction in 2009. Their was a new age of tailoring that emerged on the menswear scene. Designers wanted  more utilitarian, sharp, and sophisticated looks in their garments. The 90’s and even into the 2000’s saw a boom in the super (often slouchy) relaxed fit. Baggy jeans, shirts, and jackets with lapels the size of the Hoover Dam were all the craze. Not sure how that stuck around for so long, but it did. Then, a designer by the name of Ravi Bajaj produced a pair of trousers that looked like they were found in the children’s section of your favorite retailer. They were shorter, with a slim finish that ended right around the ball of the ankle. As expected, it caught a bit of grief, but slowly begin to attract positive attention. Sean Hotchkiss, the man behind the GQ eye put it best: “It’s practically de rigueur for fashionable gents during the warm summer months these days.” In my mind, it’s a good thing to see happening. We are entering a time that men are starting to look at menswear in a new light. Brand yourself with Shop My Happi Place.



Here’s my verdict on the “shorter pant length”/”sockless” revolution: It is very easy to search through GQ and pick out “what looks cool.” Don’t do that. You are an individual. Wear what makes you comfortable, confident, and unique. Don’t listen to the critics. They’re the ones who should push you to defy the boundaries. If you want to wear shorten trousers, be my guest. Hell, I do it all the time in the summer and no I am not preparing for a flood. One of my favorite designers in the industry is Thom Browne. He’s a true innovator. His collections are unlike anything else out there. He isn’t listening to what the critics may say about his unique look. Instead, he’s doing what comes natural and creating some of the best designs in the industry.



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine