Small Things Matter

Smal Gift
With the shopping frenzy in full swing, the team at A&H Magazine picked some of our favorite small items that would make great stocking stuffers. Don’t bother getting him those boring gifts that he will never use, check out our list to see some gift ideas that he will actually appreciate and use all the time: 

General Knot & Co.

  • Add a General Knot Tie to any tailored suit and you will be the talk of the Holiday party. Designed using vintage fabric to create one of a kind ties that are unique as the person who puts it on, the General Knot Tie collection will have you wanting more so you can outshine your co-workers every day.

General Knot

Monsieur Fox Cufflinks

  • Its all in the details and adding a pair of Monsieur Fox cufflinks will only accentuate that fact. Each cufflink is a handmade work of art. The collection features a fox-themed cufflink adorned in your choice of either silver or gold.

Monsieur Fox Cufflinks


Logan Zane Ann Arbor Card Case

  • The perfect gift for the man who doesn’t like to keep a thick wallet in his back pocket, the Ann Arbor Card Case holds the essentials to avoid being too bulky. Crafted in full grain leather with camo accents this is the wallet that every gentleman should have in their back pocket.


Soxfords Socks

  • Adding a subtle yet colorful spring to your wingtips is exactly what Soxfords quirky yet classy socks will achieve. Everyone can pull of a pair of black or navy socks but only the confident can rock a pair of socks with space invaders fighting in between the argyle pattern.

Soxford Socks Alien Invader

Dalys 1895 Fred Perry Barrel Bag

  • Any guy that gives a hoot about his appearance probably has a gym membership and they know the value of a good gym bag. This barrel bag by Fred Perry is perfect for the gym or even a short overnight stay. And coming in under $100, it’s a must buy.



Harry’s The Winston Set

  • Getting the perfect shave in the morning is an essential part of getting your day started on the right foot and Harry’s took that simple task of shaving and perfected it with their revolutionary razors and shave cream. The Winston set from Harry’s comes complete with a razor that features German engineered blades with an ergonomic-designed handle to provide you with one of the best and smoothest shaves.


Word Camo Notebooks

  •  Whether you’re running around Crosby Street in Soho and see something that sparks the creative juices make sure you have your Word- Camo Notepad so you can write down what you are witnessing. The perfect notepad to keep in your back pocket or coat pocket at all times because you never know when you need to remember an important email that unless you write down you will forget.

 word camo notepads

Kiel James Patrick- Anchor Bracelet’s

  • Add a little sophistication to your wrist by adding a hand-braided  Anchor Bracelet from Kiel James Patrick. A perfect complement to any timepiece, the Made in the USA bracelet that takes inspiration from vintage designs will be a simple way to add a subtle style element to your wrist.


The Hill Side- Chambray Scarf

  • The Blue Selvedge Chambray scarf from The Hill-Side makes the perfect gift for the Selvedge Denim lover in your life. Manufactured in NYC with cotton from Japan, this scarf provides you with a perfect contemporary design to brighten up those dark winter outfits.

Hill Side Scarve

Kevin Coss Designs – Tie Bars

  • An easy way to add a touch of your personal style while adding some sophistication to your look. Made of polished aluminum, each tie clip is hand finished and made to snugly fit a medium thickness tie. Perfect gift for the gent that enjoys being unique.

Tie Bar

Men in Cities- Global Nomad Passport Cover

  • Perfect for the man of the world or just the man on the go, this passport cover doubles as a wallet and small document holder. Slip in a small notepad and a pen, or your ID, cash, and receipts. Either way, you’ll have something that’s stylish, portable, and ready for wherever you want to trek to. Reasonably priced at $40, you can’t go wrong with this pick from Men in Cities.

Beckett Simonon-Potenza Weekender Bag

  • Expertly handcrafted with rich full-grain leather, the NEW Potenza weekender bag from Beckett Simonon is the perfect luxury gift for every stylish man this season. Whether going on a business trip or spending the weekend away, this leather bag will provide room for everyone’s style and personal needs. While this bag would typically retail for over $1,000, Beckett Simonon’s direct-to-consumer business model allows it to be sold at $279 and shipped to your door in 3-5 days.




Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.