Solid and Striped

Solid and Striped 138 copy There’s no denying the fact that winter is here. It’s cold, dreary, and lacking serious Vitamin D. Attractive women have entered hibernation mode; complete with their US Magazines and UGG boots (they’ll be back in May, trust me). Day light is mere and it seems to get darker earlier. For most, it’s a time to spend with families, eat massive amounts of food, find a Valentines, and maybe finally start your New Year’s resolution (you’re already three months behind friends). We also spend most of our winters thinking about spring and summer. What a better way to beat the cold than by dreaming about that perfect Summer destination?

pic 3 I’ve been a writer now for two years and have consistently seen products come and go. Jackets, outerwear, socks, shoes, coats; the list goes on. I’ve found some of my favorite fits, patterns, and materials over-time. But one, just one article of clothing gives me the biggest trouble. I had an extremely hard time finding a comfortable, well-made bathing suit. I searched high and low; some trunks being too short, others to long or an atrocious pattern. The fit of bathing suits might just be the most under-rated part of any man’s wardrobe. It often gets overlooked, which is to be expected. Think about it: when’s the last time you talked about how “well your swim suit” fit you?

Men, it’s time to upgrade to a serious swimsuit. Solid & Striped is your answer. Starting out in brand marketing, owner and designer Isaac Ross realized that he was ready for a change. “I’ve always been compelled to work on the brand side—I always wanted to make something that I could touch with my hands and my friends could be a part of.” His idea of designing bathing suits sparked while attending a pool party in Water Mill, NY. Through the sea of tacky board shorts, loud patterns, and terrible cuts, Isaac narrowed in on his friends father’s bathing suit. “He had on a vintage suit and I  fell in love with it. From there, I was hooked. I wanted to design a suit and started making connections. I had no idea what it would entail and the amount of work I would face. I hit so many walls throughout the process. Like sourcing fabric—it’s incredibly difficult. I came so close to giving up. Samples would come back from my pattern maker that were wrong,and had to scramble to make corrections. Persistence is so important. You have to stick with it and keep pushing forward.” His tireless and meticulous work has resulted in a perfect bathing suit.

Style—check. Fit—check. Comfort—check.  They fit great—slimmer on the body but yet not revealing. Oh, and did we mention they’re made of 100% quick drying Italian poly-amide and equipped with 100% super soft cotton mesh linings for ultimate comfort and ease? Don’t be afraid to wear these even when you’re not at the pool (I practically live in my swim suit all summer). Rest assure, Isaac. Myself, along with countless customers agree that you’re dedication to create the most comfortable, well-made, and flattering swimsuit in the market has been achieved.

Isaac’s story is like many in our generation. Not necessarily stuck, but more or so having a hard time being content without the right amount of happiness. Yes, it’s easy to maintain a career in which you feel “obligated” to preform certain tasks and duties. But the true happiness come when one is their own creator, designer, and director. We love what Isaac has created and are excited to share his swimwear with our readers. To purchase and read more about Isaac, his philosphy, and Solid & Striped, click here.pic 2

(Photography by our own Christopher Dam; Visual Layouts by Christopher & Randy Hoover)



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine