Sprezz: Not Just for the Italians

sprezzatura, pitti uomo

Scott Schuman said that “it takes a lot of work to seem so effortless.” He was speaking about building a Bentley Mulsane. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, how in the hell does that relate to anything Italian? How about I phrase it to you this way.

Why are Italian men Italian men in Italy, revered for their style? Because it looks, to the untrained eye, like they really threw something on and called it a day. Yes, all those buttons undone, collars spread out and jacket pockets busting at the seams with cashmere scarves – all on purpose. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I too embody the so called Sprezzatura. For the lay folk reading this, Sprezzatura, or Sprezz,  is Italian for disheveled elegance. It ain’t easy. Ask the boys on Tumblr,  they’ll tell you, putting an outfit together is like arranging a jigsaw puzzle. Clearly you’ve got a little work to do, but why would that stop you from trying it out? It’s a lifestyle, so here are some tips to get you going. Start by sitting down and drinking your espresso (not coffee) and avoid putting it in one of those dinky traveler mugs. Strike up conversation, and whilst in mid speech, gesticulate your hands as much a possible. Lastly, learn to cross your legs in the manliest way possible. Voila! You’re half way to being an ambassador of sprezz. So go on, conquer the world; we’ll be here cheering you on from the sidelines.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large