Open up a Sprezzabox

The feeling of coming home from a long day’s work knowing you have a package waiting for you is one that we all know very well. You have tracked your new Meermin Double Monk’s all the way from the  factory in Spain to your front door. Now that you have a great pair of shoes to go with your Bespoke suit, all you need to do is get the details of the outfit correct and that is where Sprezzabox comes in. Sprezzabox knows that feeling of anticipation and wants to give you the excitement of opening a  package every month. Based in NYC, they know that the trends in menswear are  continuously evolving so they handpick select items from a great array of brands to be shipped to you each month. At an extremely affordable price of $28, you can get the accessories you need to complete your outfit such as a pair of Happy Socks, a tie from Bedford & Broome, and a great pocket square from X-O-R all in one box. They take the difficulty of finding matching accessories and curate a great box that will be your next package that you will anxiously be waiting for.
I had the chance to talk with Phillip, the founder of Sprezzabox, about a couple of things:
A&H: How did the idea of Sprezzabox come to you?

P: The idea of SprezzaBox came to me after seeing my girlfriend open her monthly subscription of goods. I was so jealous that I went online to find one of my own but came up empty handed. They were either too expensive or just a bunch of grooming products and lotions that I didn’t need. After much complaining, she told me to just make one of my own and the idea was born.
A&H: Its all about the details when dressing your best, in your opinion what is the most essential piece of any man’s wardrobe?
P: The most essential piece in a mans wardrobe is highly debatable. While socks can be a fun way to express yourself and a pocket square can be a classic or fun accessory… nothing is more visible than a tie. Your tie says a lot about you and is so versatile at the same time. Anyone from a Wall Street big shot to a Brooklyn hipster can rock one and make a statement. No matter how you wear it, or whether you like it or not, you own one.
A&H: What should we be anticipating in the future of Sprezzabox?
P: The future holds so much for SprezzaBox. We have plans of expanding the business to offer a high-end subscription and you may even see some fashion icons curating future Sprezzabox’s.
Nothing beats the convenience of having a Sprezzabox show up to your door once a month so head on over to and sign up for your first box today. Consisting of 5 unique items per box, you will be sure to add some great accessories to your wardrobe. Sprezzabox also makes a great gift for any guy who likes to look good, you can purchase a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month membership so they can cover all their accessory needs at all times during the year. Best of all, it’s commitment-free.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.