Stateside Luxury: Chester Mox

Chester MoxYour first impression may be your last. At A&H, our mantra is ‘never settle’. That translates to what we do, where we travel, and even how we dress. We believe that their is a particular message in how you comport yourself and we understand that ambiguity can be expensive. Thus, we present Chester Mox, leather goods handmade in the USA by a gifted artisan, that quell any confusion. This briefcase unmistakably denotes confidence: for that first interview, that big board meeting, or that all-important industry conference. 





The quality and attention to detail both in the stitching and the edge work is a sharp display in craftsmanship, likely to be seen amongst a handful of heritage French makers. The leather is sourced from tanneries that serve the likes of Hermes and John Lobb, a beautifully rendered patina burnished into the treated hide. It is understated in its simplicity yet masterful in execution.  





And the value is undeniable, at nearly half the cost of competitors in the luxury market. The design is, in a word, assertive: not brash or overzealous, not subdued or demure. It is balanced, a sense of that even-keeled spirit present in every gentleman, for business or leisure.  

This is a statement piece. What does yours say about you? See their full range of expertly crafted products here or explore the full bespoke option of Chester Mox.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.