Stepping out of the city

I ‘ve loved living in the city for the past four years. The experiences I’ve gained and people I’ve met is like nothing I’d ever imagined. It has been a positive outlet for relationships, creative projects, and my first true sense of completely being independent. The energy that a city holds is contagious beyond belief and instantly sparks life into every waking moment of my day.

But with that being said, a city can also be a place that can be overwhelming. Like everything in life, sometimes you need to simply escape. I’ve noticed many of my friends living in New York City are spending their weekends in the mountains of upstate New York- which I was perplexed considering that I yearn to visit Manhattan every waking second of my day. But, this past weekend, it finally clicked. A friend and I took a day and traveled outside the city; equipment with only a camera and ourselves. We left our cell phones tucked away in our cars and hit a trail with one goal in mind- to have no concrete plan on where the day was going to take us.

We tend to become products of our daily rituals- the ever so demanding “rat-race” as they call it. We work hard, sometimes too hard. Hell- I’m sitting at a coffee shop with a dozen other twenty-somethings who are all feverishly typing away on their laptops. It’s Sunday- shouldn’t we all be soaking in what we have left of our weekends?  I’ll continue to go back to the article published by Kinfolk Magazine as a reference for my true “art of doing nothing”.



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine