Stories from The Road: The Weekender by Troubador

Traveling and seeing the world is awesome, but packing for that trip is not. You face a important dilemna before embarking on your trip: packing too much which means you have to check in a bag or pack light enough so you don’t have to. This is always the hardest part of your trip. Packing light can only be done if you have a great weekender bag at your ready. It’s not easy to find the ideal Weekender that gives you enough room to pack all the essentials and look good at the same time,  but don’t fret we found one that does both. The Troubador Weekender.

Handcrafted from natural vegetable leather that has never been painted or finished, the bag lets you create your own patina in the leather by taking it on as many trips as you can. The more you travel the more character the bag gets, so if your an avid traveler that want’s a bag that will take shape as a unique one of one piece, this is the Weekender for you. Designed for seamless transitions between the boardroom to the beach. One feature that is essential for any traveler is the external pockets that are great for storing your passport or your electronics, but easy to access if you need them.This weekender is your travel companion and will go everywhere with you, running through airport terminals to sitting in the back of an Uber trying to catch your flight. You and this bag have a special bond that can only be told by the stories and places that you have seen together.

Some stories are meant to be shared, just like these ones where the Troubador Weekender plays a key role:

“It doesn’t get better than this. It’s 90 degrees in Portland, I’m sweating and I’m looking forward to this trip. It’s not often that I can just pack my Troubadour weekender with some clothes and a pair of flip flops and grab my camera bag slamming the door behind me, not worrying about where to put my heavy flak jacket or gear needed for a month long expedition into the jungle. I’ll just throw those bare essentials into my truck and start to drive. The road will be my map and my destination will be a babbling brook or a teepee motel. It’s summer in Oregon and I’m bound and determined to enjoy it.” – Andrew Stanbridge

Route 1/California Coast: With my Weekender in the back of an old school open top Jeep Wrangler, a couple of friends and I made the drive up the US west coast like something out of an classic 90’s movie. Sun out, music turned up, and all of us singing a bit of Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon as we drove from the beaches of LA to the Golden Gate Bridge. A gorgeous hike in Big Sur was certainly a highlight for all of us, but the many scenic stops along the drive left us with more pictures than we could reasonably upload to instagram in a lifetime.

Colombia: Colombia sometimes feels like a country with more stereotypes than it deserves. However, after spending new years in Cartagena, I can confirm that the rumors about the sun-swept Colombian beaches are most certainly accurate. Clothing so close to the equator is minimal so I was able to fill my Weekender with a few good books, a pair of running shoes, and a couple changes of clothes and swimsuits while still having plenty of space to spare.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.