Style in Spain: Lander Urquijo

Dressing well has always been an international practice. From the Italians to the elegant Parisians, and of course, the Americans—the gentlemen of these style capitals enjoy showing character through their dress. It doesn’t end with these three style cultures. There’s style in Spain and the company Lander Urquijo is demanding the recognition through garments that can’t go unnoticed. Lander Urquijo spoke to us with great enthusiasm about what distinguishes L.U. from other Spanish brands, the company’s style philosophy, and more.

A&H: Tell us about the history of Lander Urquijo.

Lander Urquijo: After 15 years in the tailoring business in other brands, I needed to create a renovated concept of the classic tailoring look, so the Lander Urquijo label was born in 2009.

In spite of the current climate we find ourselves in, through humility, hard work, and combined effort, we want to create a niche in the beautiful world of tailoring.

A&H: What was the inspiration for creating the brand?  LU: We want to renovate the tailoring industry in our country and be recognized around the world as creators and innovators of a business we love.

A&H: What distinguishes Lander Urquijo from any other Spanish clothing brand?

LU: We have a defined personality, for our creative and renovated classic garments, reinventing styles with a new fresh look. Fabrics and details change every season giving the best for our clients and friends.

In addition to our brand, we have our bespoke tailoring service and that distinguishes Lander Urquijo from other Spanish clothing firms.

A&H: What does the company consider wardrobe essentials?

LU: The essential wardrobe garment for us is a well-cut jacket according to the style of the appropriate season. We like to work and experiment with various fabrics during the year to create eye-catching styles.

A&H: What is Lander Urquijo’s style philosophy?

LU: Our way of life is defined, simply, as working with classic garments and bringing a new vision to those who like to choose something new. Our concept is defined as a mix, styled approach, matching several types of fabrics and patterns, and let’s be honest: The people who wear our garments need no introduction to style.

A&H: What’s next for the company?

LU: We have two stores in Spain, one in Madrid, and the other in Bilbao, a short step from The Guggenheim Museum. Our goal for the company is for everybody to see our products first-hand. We are planning to open new stores in the most well-known international cities.

A&H: Where can your products be purchased?

LU: Right now, our items are only available in our two stores in Spain.

Besides this, we invite you to visit our blog or contact us directly to do an order. Garments are usually received after a few days of placing the order. We like to offer a quick and efficient service.