Style Originators: South Korea

Anthony Rogers gave us a glimpse into a world a bit foreign to us. He captured a few great moments in a collection of photographs. Here he is letting us into his world:


I wanted to show my audience a style that wasn’t super popular in mens fashion. Fashion in South Korea is all about not trying too hard but having that touch of a finished look. For example, wearing a nice coat & dress pants but sporting your New Balance sneakers. Obviously, this style is starting to come forth in fashion hubs such as Milan and London, but I was trying to make a statement on the true creators of this style! Which were the men of South Korea. Perhaps A&H readers could take this as a jumping off point to a new look on their own personal styles. Maybe a new thought to ponder on because people strive to learn new things, and discovering where they came from is a great start.”




Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.