Suit Your Style opens to the World

Suit Your Style is making some pretty big waves in the industry right now (see our past interview with there HERE) … We guarantee you’ll be hearing more on them (if not from us) from everyone in menswear. Truth is, they have style… and that punch of damn good mixed with the right price point. I know it’s not exactly the best way to describe them, but hey, just wait until you put some of their pieces on. Before today, getting your hands on SYS you had to be measured by them in Australia. With all that said, they’ve redesigned their website, debuted some new offerings and developed a new way to order online. Not only is it easier, it’s more accurate. Yeah, good luck finding excuses NOT to dress yourself with SYS in mind. See what the guys over in Australia had to say to us about the new launch…

“So, over 2 years we have developed an ‘algorithmic sizing model’ whereby providing us with your height & weight, then answering a few body shape questions, we will give you your personal body measurements. From there we can show you how to check these, and make live updates to your character profile. We opted for a simple approach to this process, after personally measuring over a thousand customers we noticed patterns to customers measurements. Once you can accurately place a customer into a body shape category and have their key variables a la height & weight, the range is usually between 1-3cm of perfection, barring any ‘outliers’ to our algorithm. It’s a defacto relationship – art & science living together. No two artisan tailors measure the same way, set the shoulder or the sleeve head the same way. They don’t have the vents at the same height, run the jackets the same length or have a universal measuring stick for the openings of arm holes, cuffs and sleeves. There are a few ‘rules’ that need to be adhered to when making a suit, but apart from these most fundamental building blocks, perfection is largely objective. Basically if you like what you see in our shop, that’s what you get, cut to your personal measurements.” – Benjamin Capuano co-Founder


Above is a screenshot run through of the new ordering system. Going through it myself the guys have made it very simple and fun. Slowly but surely it looks like men are starting to have more than enough options to dress well.

……I really hope the wrestling mask comes with my order.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.