Suit Your Style: The Summer Shirt

suit your style

Sitting at my desk in this cold, snowed in city and all I think about is escaping to somewhere where it’s warm and tropical. I bet you are thinking the same thing right now if you’re experiencing my plight. Listen, cheer yourself up a bit and check out  The Summer Shirt from Suit Your Style to get you ready for that escape to a tropical destination… or couch with heater at your side.

Light and breathable, the tropical weight linen resort shirts will keep you cool under that hot sun. Offered in two varieties, the Resort shirt and a cropped version of the house ‘sport’ shirt, these will be your sartorial beach bumming around gear. Having a motto that nothing should be ‘pre-made’, the short sleeves on the shirt are made specifically for you to roll them however you like creating a feel of customization with the shirt. The length of the shirts are designed so it will look good if you tuck the shirt in or un-tuck and let it hang out, either way it will look good. So ditch the wingtips and blazers and grab your sandals and your new Summer Shirt from Suit Your Style  and go enjoy the warm weather in your favorite spot, private jet not included.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.