Surf, Sands and Goodyear Welts – Christian Kimber

Christian Kimber

Our good friend Christian Kimber took us on a journey into his world, a place filled with sun, sand and a whole lot of inspiration and hard work. We’re happy to share a snippet of the article from our first print edition Risk Takers:

At this point in the conversation, Kimber delves into his father, school and how his upbringing influenced him.

C.K. -The journey began with my Father. I spent time with him, but only in spurts, as my parents were divorced. When I was with him, I was fascinated with how he dressed. I became enamoured with his navy or grey suits, layered underneath a cashmere coat, all tied together with his black briefcase and hermes ties. All his shoes and horse bit loafers had shoe trees and lay peacefully in his wardrobe. I remember he had one pair of loafers in 4 colours. This stuff seriously affected me. I still remember, he would come home and give me his coat to hang up, I would brush it down. Even now, he’s a man who is thoughtful about clothing, but at the same time doesn’t really care at all. This is my foundation of style. Carefree. At school I was weirdly obsessed with shoes and clothes. I saved up for months and months, just to buy that specific thing I would obsess over. It seeped into every facet of my life, I mean, I once made a shoe rack when I was 13 for a school carpentry project. Yeah, a shoe rack! I remember reading GQ from an early age and really thinking about what I wore. I was so aware of my aesthetic that I would always try to tweak what I had, finding fault in a lot of it. I then found myself asking my mother for new clothes at Christmas, a lot of which she could never find. It’s that same determination, passion and patience that has allowed Kimber to pursue his dreams. There is a reprieve in our conversation where I ask him about the parallels between surfing and designing his collections. Albeit a foggy question at first, a gem arises out of the dialogue…

This story is compelling, to read the rest, you can purchase a copy of The Risk Takers Volume 1 HERE



Neil Watson

Editor At Large