SVSV | A New System of Objects

David Gensler the man behind The worlds top design firm The Kdu has just released his clothing line SVSV online book “A New System of Objects“.

“I miss print. I miss the way an image “feels” through ink and paper.  The book is something tangible to hold in your hand The book contains all the new images and designs since we relaunched, as well as the philosophy and concepts that drive us right now. We are exploring designing “total solutions” for fashion – not just the garments and objects.  The modern digital age and poor economy demand we go the extra mile – the old days of subjective style wars have been replaced with focused strategy and long term planning.” – David Gensler

Being a big fan of print myself, I was beyond excited to see this. Even though you will usually see me post things that are more refined and traditonal, the imagery that is used provides such inspiraton. David is one of the most intriguing and forward thinking people I have had the pleasure to speak with. I assure you SVSV will not disappoint.

See the online book HERE.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.