T Michael Site Debut

With adopting the #WorkHardTravelWell mind state you’ll tend to come across things that catch your eye from other regions of the world. Recently I stumbled upon the budding menswear scene of Norway. After a few searches I came across T. Michael. It was a bit hard to find much on the brand as the site was being worked on but his blog had my curiosity peaked. The intimate pictures of his travels and creations in my opinion allow the consumer a bit of insight on who the designer is. T. Michael also has an air of art in his brand something I’ve always wished was more of within the menswear scene here in America but still balancing it with functionality and T. Michael does just that. Now that his site is open I can truly say he has a new fan. We hope to bring you more with T. Michael in the near future but for now browse the site and get familiar.

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Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.