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Jazz in Tobago - Tavaco Lounge

Jazz in Tobago – Tavaco Lounge

A glass of cognac in hand, the lights set on mellow and the sound of jazz to complete the scene. No I’m not describing a scene from a movie but actually the setting at Tavaco Lounge at Magdalena Grand Beach Resort, Tobago. What better way to end the weekend, Jazz Sunday attracts all the guests...
A Cafe with Caribbean Flavor - Benne Cafe

A Cafe with Caribbean Flavor – Benne Cafe

What is it about Cafes that makes you just want to go in and sit a while? It has to be more than the hope of free WiFi to satisfy your quench to stay connected to social media. Is it the daily newspaper or magazines that you can relax and read that you somehow wouldn’t...
A&H Bites: Betty Bakery

A&H Bites: Betty Bakery

Betty Bakery, tucked on Atlantic Avenue in the Boerum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, specializes in wedding and birthday cakes. However, the beautiful bake shop caters to those on-the-go locals who prefer to grab a small and sweet treat to go. Betty Bakery is ran by Cheryl Kleinman and Ellen Baumwoll, two cake specialists who separately...