Technology meets Menswear at The Left Shoe Company

The left shoe company

Technology and menswear come together at The Left Shoe Company. The Left Shoe Company measure customers with state of the art 3D foot scanningthe left shoe company technology. The measuring platform analyses your precise foot size and this scan is then used to create handcrafted, made to order shoes. When selecting a style of shoe, there are four collections to choose from, contemporary, classic, modern classic and casual. From here you can select each aspect, including style, material and details creating your own bespoke footwear.

Not sure if you want to call this made to measure or bespoke but regardless the accuracy in their product is there and for the price point isnt to terrible for bespoke shoes.

The process from measuring to walking takes six weeks and in the meantime your personal footscan is stored and each detail added to a membership card, allowing you to then order your comfort shoes online to your specification from anywhere in the world. We are new to Left Shoe Company but our interest is piqued.

*** Update *** The Left Shoe Company makes its British debut in St James’s

St James’s London is pleased to announce contemporary shoemakers The Left Shoe Company have chosen to open their first UK store in Princes Arcade. The Left Shoe Company combines traditional skill with state of the art technology creating a truly unique shoe buying experience. Neighbours in Princes Arcade include British men’s heritage label Smart Turnout London that opened in November, as well as shoemakers such as Loake and Barker.

Erkan Fere, CEO of The Left Shoe Company says: “For The Left Shoe Company, it was important for the first London store to be opened in St James’s, surrounded by excellent restaurants, hotels and services focusing on the made to measure and bespoke needs for the modern gentleman. The various premium lifestyle brands support one another. We at The Left Shoe Company feel very much home in St James’s.”




Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.