The Archetypes: Ed Morel

Panta Clothing

From Reebok classics and Girbaud jeans to tailored trousers and seven fold Italian ties. Ed Morel of Panta Clothing sits with us and discuss how good taste and a desire to create something that can be passed along inspired him to create a brand with a lasting affect.

[one_half padding=”5px 20px 0 20px”] I wish there was something interesting to tell you about me but I’m a pretty boring guy. I was always into fashion, from grammar school on. I noticed that girls noticed it so I was always paying a lot of attention to what I would wear. Girbaud jeans, all white Reebok classics and LeTigre shirts were the order of the day. As I got older, my proximity to the Village in NYC defined my clothing style, there were a lot of great little boutiques back then. I was never really looking at the quality of construction back then, it was more about the style. I had my construction “epiphany” at my first office job. I went through a poorly made pair of shoes in about 2 months. After some research (internet did not exist yet, imagine that), I picked up a pair of Trickers. After that, it was all English shoes and that lead to English shirts and English ties etc.

I started the brand by manufacturing pants here in New York City about 4 years ago. After a few years of reselling overstock, sample and outlet wares online, I figured that I would be able to have more consistent and better quality stock if I produced the items myself. I started with pants because it seemed that the greatest deficiency in menswear was well made, well cut, dress pants for men. You either purchased them from a mall brand or went to a specialty store and paid more than your car payment for a nice pair of pants. From pants we moved to ties, shirts, scarves, custom suits and will soon carry our own branded shoes.

My inspiration is two fold. First, I am making items that I believe in, that are to my taste. This approach limits your audience but I have no issue being a niche brand. I am more interested in offering a few items that are well thought out, in good taste and that work well together rather than just offering items because they will sell.[/one_half]

[one_half_last padding=”5px 20px 0 20px”]The other thing that inspires me is the desire to have the brand outlast me. When you are new, its somewhat easy to create buzz, draw interest etc, But in the last year or so, I have approached the business from the perspective of “what is going to get someone (like A&H) to want to interview me 10 years from today?”  “What is going to keep customers interested in Panta 10 years from today?”. And I think the answer is consistency of product construction and consistency of design. So I am employing a  a very discriminating, laser like focus on the current and future offerings. I am making sure that we manufacture to a standard, rather than to a price,

Next up, in terms of product offerings, will be shoes that we feel are iconic and the foundations of a well thought out wardrobe. We will offer a few more styles of shirts and ties and will be getting back into the pants business again (we stopped making RTW pants after we felt our manufacturer’s construction quality slipped). We will also continue expanding our custom business but we do these things at a snails pace. We don’t offer anything up until we are satisfied with it and even after that, we are continually looking to improve out offerings.

When all is said and done, I hope that the Panta brand, both the tangible products and the intangible “spirit”, are worthy of admiration and even emulation.[/one_half_last]



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.