The Archetypes: T- Michael

t michael bespoke

I got into fashion because I wanted to make a grown choice.

T-Michael. This is a man so poised and humble it’s almost shocking, but no less refreshing. We had the chance to meet this chap in Florence during Pitti Uomo and ran into him again in New York at Liberty Fairs. Always a larger than life smile on his face and a firm handshake to let you know you’re kin. Continuing our Archetype series we sit down with the Bergen based designer, to talk life and inspirations. 

[one_half padding=”5px 20px 0 20px”]I’m a Ghanaian born Bespoke Tailor / Designer based in Bergen Norway. I moved to Bergen, which is the rainiest city in Europe, by way of London. Bergen was not a choice based on it’s ”fantastic’ weather and for being a fashion metropolis. It was a choice based purely on passion and love. I met my now ex wife, whom is a Norwegian in London in 1987 and then I fell in love and followed her to Norway. It felt so right. It still does some 23 years now even though we are not together as a couple.

I got into fashion because I wanted to make a grown choice. However those choices would have to be based only on passion and my love for tailoring. I made that choice at age of 26 and have followed it through and through. I trained as a bespoke tailor in Norway. This was an extension to my existing love for the all things handmade and my autodidact design skills. And on my 30th birthday I opened my studio.I have early memories of being measured up for clothing in Ghana. Having 2 sewing machines at home when growing up in Ghana, I believe was the start of this sartorial journey. My years in London, sharpened my senses in regards to various styles and expressionism in not just clothing and fashion but in visual arts as a whole. Everyday visual stimulation from the rudeboys, the rastas, the raggamuffin, the sharps suits, the punks, the goths and everything else London throws at you made a significant impact on me.[/one_half]

Everything is allowed as self expression as long as it’s from within!

I’m keen on diversifying my creative endeavours and over the years have added to my suit making business with shoes and bags. I, together with my  business partner Alexander Helle started this journey called Norwegian Rain 4 years ago and this materialized into an award winning line of utilitarian clothing with a tailored DNA and  Japanese aesthetics. These garments are all 100% water proof and conceal an extreme amount of high tech technology. This technology as mentioned is hidden and what you get are raincoats that do not look at all like raincoats. I have also delved into films. Or dabbled. 3 shorts and a feature. I guess my earlier decision to base my life on passion and love means any line of work that allows me to be creative and to be an artisan will be welcomed.My biggest inspirations are my kids. They just get me going. A perfect 2% of myself and my ex wife and 98% purely themselves! Inspiring!
When its all said and done. I hope, or better yet, I know that given the chance all over again my choices will be same as my already chosen path.

Photography: Bent Rene Synnevåg.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.