The Armoury presents: I Colori Di Antonio

“It is a little unusual for a small shop in Hong Kong to produce a documentary about a tailor in Florence but Antonio Liverano is a man who I feel we should have a historical record of. The world of tailoring is very different from the world of fashion. To place an order with a tailor is not a simple trade of a good for a sum. At its best, it is a human experience, imprecise and unquantifiable. A tailor strives to communicate, understand and satisfy a customer on a number of levels. There is the obvious technical aspect of tailoring, which is to create a garment that fits and is soundly constructed. Then there is the less obvious technical aspect, which is to create a garment that flatters and is beautiful in its own right. Finally there is that most ephemeral human aspect which is to create something that is right and as if by magic, has style. Antonio is the only person I have ever encountered to so completely meet these challenges. In this documentary, we have tried to capture how a person becomes great. While we were unable to be comprehensive, we hope at least it will increase people’s awareness and appreciation for the art of tailoring and maybe even set the stage for the next Antonio Liverano.”
— Mark Cho Co-founder of The Armoury

In collaboration with renowned filmmaker Gianluca Migliarotti, The Armoury produced the documentary I Colori Di Antonio, providing insight into the life and craft of master tailor Antonio Liverano. The School of Visual Arts hosted the USA premiere and we were privileged to attend. It was a stirring story of passion, not only to learn the art form but to inspire the global dissemination of bespoke culture. A true craftsman is never satisfied and that drive for perfection has allowed the Maestro to construct garments coveted and respected worldwide among discerning gentlemen. The screening was followed by a short panel discussion was moderated by menswear linchpin G.Bruce Boyer. Here are some photos from the small reception afterward. You can view the trailer below and the DVD is available for purchase here.

Era molto buono.





Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.