The Art of David Walker

david walker artwork,

No stencils, no brushes, just a man and his spray can. David Walker takes graffiti to a new level, truly blurring the line between painting and grafffiti. When asked about his “no brush, no stencil” style, he replied, “I’m drawn towards the idea of making something  beautiful out of what  could be classed as lo-brow materials and  methods. I don’t use brushes  because I want the pieces to raise a  question about graffiti and  traditional painting as there can be strong  preconceived ideas about  both. People are normally quite surprised the  work is made from spray  paint and I think many are also surprised they  actually like the work  when it’s outside on a wall; suddenly they have  connected with a scene  that they previously had no time for at all.”

Faces seem to be a constant theme in David’s work, and personally something that I am drawn into by art. “I don’t know them at all. I like that they’ve never  met me and they don’t know they’re being painted. I use found  photography, old  magazines, the web, snapshots, anything that’s not  staged by me. The  fact that the subjects are unknown also allows people  to make up there  own narrative to the portraits.” — David Walker

david walker artwork,david walker artwork,david walker artwork,

(via Street Art London)



Corey Knight

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